ClockPop Hack 2.7 2.7

ClockPop Hack 2.7 2.7

Press and hold the Datebook button. Clock will appear and stay until you release the button.If the handheld was off when the datebook button was pressed, it will go back to sleep.

Press and hold the Datebook button. Clock will appear and stay until you release the button. If the handheld was off when the datebook button was pressed, it will go back to sleep.2.7(9/26/01) 1. Fixed fatal error when there are more than 10 appointments on a given date. 2. Added CP-ToDos XTERN. 2.6 (7/27/01) - fixed TIME function error when preferences are set to 24 hour.

2.5 (7/23/01):
1. Many changes to fix bugs and machine specific issues. In particular, appointment preferences and date position should work better now.
2. Changed power-off method, to avoid crashes on m50x series. The old power-off method is undocumented and (now) deprecated. However, the officially sanctioned method now used by ClockPop doesn''t work on some Handspring models. If you have this problem, install ClockPop Skins and Select the Handspring Power Off method. (You can then delete ClockPop Skins, the change is made directly to ClockPop).

v2.4 (7/11/01):
1. Changed backlight and off code so that m505 backlight preserving utilities should function correctly.

v.2.3 (7/2/01):
1. Appointments that begin with ''['' character are also hidden.
2. Using ClockPop skins, you can move the date to the top (the title bar) and show up to 5 appointments (instead of 4)
3. Using ClockPop skins you can define "special appointments" and control the order in which different types of appointments are listed.

v.2.2 (6/22/01) - (corrected uploaded file) - Fixed reset problem on Handspring and other problems relating to date at bottom Hides appointments which start with "("
Skins now work with pen trigger.

v.2.1 (6/21/01) - put date back on the bottom. v2.0
1. You can now change the content and appearance of the two message areas, using ClockPop Skins.
The skins approach is extensible using XTERN functions. Some pre-written XTERNs and instructions for writing more XTERNs are included in this distribution. Requests to me to write XTERNs will be considered. If they seem easy and I have time, I?ll do it.
2. You can now choose whether appointments which have no time should be flush right or aligned with the event.
3. Appointment that begin with a ?(? are ignored.
4. An appointment now remains visible in ClockPop until the present time is later than its scheduled ENDING time.
5. Date now appears only in the title bar, not at the bottom. This gave me room to show 4 appointments instead of 3.

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