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Subnet 1.00 1.00 Free

Subnet performs Major Subnetting Tasks for your network. Subnet gives Detail Information about the

Calorie 1.0 1.0 Free

Calculate the number of calories you can consume daily.With this calculator you can calculate the

Algeo 0.8 0.8 Free

Algeo is a very powerful graphing calculator. It can plot multiple functions, solve equations,

Fx Pro 2.0 2.0 Free

Do you Deal or Transact in Foreign Currencies (Forex)? Does Fluctuations in rates Dent your

Weight Care Free 220 1.0 1.0 Free

Are you overweight or underweight? Does obesity stand in way of your normal life, well being and

Water consumption Care Free 220 1.0 1.0 Free

Do you suffer with occasional water De-hydration or low liquids in your body?Do you suffer with

DiceBattle 1.0 1.0 Free

DiceBattle is a unique new turn-based strategy game.DiceBattle is a unique new turn-based strategy

Concentrate 1.0 1.0 Free

Concentration, also known as Memory, Pelmanism, Shinkei-suijaku, Pexeso or simply

Yoga for health Free 1.0 1.0 Free

Yoga is the Ancient Art of Successfully Healing Body, Mind & Soul! Get Spiritual Balance &

Expansion 1.0 1.0 Free

Classic Xonix game new version is back!Classic Xonix game new version is back! Enjoy this nice,