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PDAcalc classic (PocketPC) 1.68 1.68 Free

Fully programmable graphical calculatorUse this fully programmable graphical calculator on your

iFD Convert BOX 1.1 1.1 Free

More than 360 real measures ordered in 28 categories. Enjoy the ability of adding your own units to

MwSt. Rechner Mobile 1.0 1.0 Free

With this calculator you could calculate the tax.This is a Tax calculator. You could calculate the

EngCalc (Heat Exchanger) 1.1 1.1 Free

Momentous Heat Exchanger formulae. FREE !! - Unit Converter . Special price for limited period.

Scientific Calculator - SCI 2.0 2.0 Free

Perfect for all kind of activities, this scientific calculator includes trigonometric functions

Nyx Calculator 1.0 1.0 Free

Calculator, which simplifies working with percentsThis application was created to simplify

Area Calculator (SP) 1.1 1.1 Free

Calculate the area and perimeter of 21 typical two dimensional geometrical objects. Supports

1-Calc 3.2.7 3.2.7 Free

The only calculator you will ever need!* Financial, Stats & Graphing* Full scientific calculator &

Panoramic Converter Pro 2.8.3 2.8.3 Free

Quick access to over 150 world currency rates and over 3000 unit conversions in 17 categories

Unit Converter Smart Edition 1.0 1.0 Free

To find the equivalent value of any inputted values in different units, input the value of the